Study Abroad & Scholarships for Nicaraguans

Study Abroad & Scholarships for Nicaraguans

Do you like eating? If you do, chances are you are a human in need of food to survive. So what do most people do to afford food? They get a job! But to get a traditional job you need an education… which sometimes it’s hard to afford! 
*rolls eyes* It’s an endless cycle, I’m dizzy just thinking about it!

Fear not, I am here to help! I have challenged myself with hunting down scholarships – how nice, I’m doing the work for you so you don’t have to! If you are Nicaraguan this list is for you! If you are not, share it with your Nica friends! I have also created blog posts for other nationalities which you can check out on my site.

Here you will find study abroad scholarships for undergrad and grad school and online courses.

More study abroad opportunities

Research, study abroad opportunities

work abroad scholarships

study and exchange opportunities in the abroad for high school and college students, scholarships for high school students to apply to university

Let’s work together to spread this so more people who would benefit from this can see it! Share it with everyone you know – your mom, your abuela, that smelly friend who always wants to hug you, everyone!

Do you know of any other opportunities? Leave them in the comments? 

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