Study Abroad & Scholarships for Hondurans

Education is the key to opportunities and (traditional) jobs. But, what if this doesn’t seem financially possible? I want to provide solutions to this problem. Really! I am so passionate about making education accessible that, through my blog I will be sharing tips and guides on various aspects of it - applying to colleges, scholarships, study abroad programs, and much more! In this blog post I will be sharing funding opportunities and study abroad programs for Hondurans.

Check out the scholarship opportunities below:

 “The Fulbright Postgraduate Program for Foreign Students grants a scholarship to cover up to two years of studies towards obtaining a master's or doctoral degree at a university in the United States.”

 “Professional development program for high school teachers, which takes place at a US university, lasts six weeks and does not grant a degree or credits. The program includes training, a field practice in a US school, the exchange of best practices in education and civic and cultural activities.”

“HonduFuturo promotes, guides and finances Honduran professionals of academic excellence, with a desire to pursue postgraduate studies at the best universities abroad, and thus contribute to enrich Honduran talent.”

List of various scholarships in different fields of study both in Honduras and abroad.

Free online courses and study abroad opportunities.

Becas Para Latinos
Study Abroad Scholarships

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