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Top FREE Things to do in Chicago

Chicago! Have you BEAN? Top 6 FREE things to do in Chicago 

Here I am sharing the top FREE things to do in Chicago. So cheapos rejoice because I have you covered! I love sharing budget travel tips + guides for free/cheap travel. It’s been so exciting to help others achieve their travel goals!!! If there is a particular travel related question you have, don’t be afraid to reach out! Feel free to comment below with any feedback or questions you may have… Alright so let’s get to those free activities!

1. Free Walking Tour

How about a free guided tour of the city by a local? Sound good right? Too good to be true, yet - it is! You can learn about the city, its history and culture for free. Side note: Tip is required and you give your desired amount. This is the best way to see all the main tourist attractions in a short amount of time! 

2. Millennium Park
Check out the biggest tourist attraction in the Midwest! The Bean! The Cloud! Or just known as that shiny metal thing in Chicago. The Bean ch…

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